My name is Jashe Oltuski. 

I was  5 and I still remember the smell of gypsum from my moms workshop. The first time she let me try her oil pastels and I had that texture fall apart in my hands as I put pressure on the paper, thats when I knew I fell in love. Thats the day I decided that this was what I wanted to do the rest of my life. Thats how it all got started!

I was born and raise in Cuba and based on the circumstances I was forced to learned to use any material that came easy to find to create what I considered a piece of art. In my eyes everything had potential. So I started to recycle what I found valuable for my creativity. Materials such as doors, tables, mirrors, wood, and canvas of course are the main bases I used to paint. Some peoples trash can become others treasures. Through out this process of hunting for materials and trying to find a way to express myself through my art, I found it gave me a sense of excitement like nothing else. I learned to create a story through my art. Colors gave me a high like no other. I looked forward to what could be, with what I had. 

Different materials I found became chance to a new adventure, to a piece of art that would later define who I have become throughout the years….